A 5-year and 1-day Time Deposit that offers higher yielding rate, fixed income through monthly credit of interest, and security through fixed rate for the duration of 5 years and 1 day. The interest earned shall be withholding tax – free for individual depositors provided there is no pre-termination made.




Access Point PNB Savings Bank Head Office and Branches
Term Five (5) years and One (1) day
Minimum Placement Php 50,000
Interest Rate*  
Php 50,000 – Php 999,999 3.00%  p.a.
Php 1,000,000 – Php 4,999,999 3.375% p.a.
Php 5,000,000 – Php 9,999,999 3.50%  p.a.
Php 10,000,000 and up 3.75%  p.a.




Qualified Investor Individual and Corporate
Taxation Eligibility Individual Accounts – Tax Exempt
  Corporate Accounts – Subject to Tax
Interest Crediting Interest earned is credited monthly to a Peso Savings ATM Account (for individual depositors) and a Current Account (for corporate depositors) [the “Affiliate Peso Account”] which is under the same account name as that of Power Earner 5 plus 1 Time Deposit placement.
PDIC Coverage Php 500,000
Evidence of Deposit Power Earner 5 plus 1 Certificate of Time Deposit
Documentary Stamp Documentary stamps shall be for the Bank’s account provided deposit stays beyond one (1) year. If depositor pre-terminates within one (1) year, the documentary stamps will be charged to the depositor to be deducted from the principal amount.
Others Power Earner 5 plus 1 comes with an Affiliate Peso Savings ATM Account for individual depositors and a Peso Current Account for corporate depositors.